Child who fell into borewell in Rewa couldn’t be saved

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The entire region of Rewa kept praying as efforts continued for 45 hours to rescue young Mayank, who had fallen into a borewell. Despite relentless endeavors by NDRF teams and a myriad of rescue attempts, fate dealt a harsh blow, and Mayank lost his battle for survival.

The tragic incident unfolded while Mayank was innocently playing, leading to his fateful descent into the borewell. Despite the administration’s efforts, the rescue operation faced hurdles, exacerbated by the presence of hard rock.

The heart-wrenching incident occurred in Manika village of Rewa, where the six-year-old boy accidentally fell into the borewell in a field on Friday evening. Trapped approximately 60 feet below the surface, Mayank’s plight sparked a massive rescue operation involving NDRF, SDRF, and local law enforcement.

The mission to extricate him was complex, hindered by the challenges posed by the field’s standing crops and moist soil, which impeded both visibility and oxygen supply.

Amidst these challenges, intensive efforts commenced, including the construction of a tunnel to access Mayank’s location. Despite meticulous planning and execution, the rescue attempt faced setbacks as the alignment went in the wrong direction.

Eventually, after painstaking efforts, the rescue team breached the borewell’s depths, only to retrieve Mayank’s lifeless body. His body was promptly transported for post-mortem examination, confirming the tragic outcome of the ordeal.

The loss of young Mayank has cast a pall of grief over the community, prompting collective mourning and reflections on the importance of safety measures around such hazards. The authorities contemplate measures to prevent similar tragedies in the future and action will be taken against the irresponsible field owner who left his borewell open.

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