Chaiwalah ended evil practice of royal family becoming PM, CM: PM Modi

Etawah (UP), May 5 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attacked Congress and Samajwadi Party (SP) and said they considered pockets in the state as their estate or property, but the ‘Chaiwalah’ has ended the evil practice of only the “heir of the royal family” becoming the country’s PM and the Chief Minister of U.P.

Mentioning the areas the SP regards as its strongholds, Modi said some consider places like Mainpuri, Kannauj, Etawah as their estate. In the same vein, he referred to Congress’ traditional bastions, and said “Some considered Amethi and Rae Bareli as their property”.

Addressing an election rally here, the PM said, “The legacy of these family members is cars, bungalows and political influence. Some consider Mainpuri, Kannauj, Etawah as their estate and some others consider Amethi Rae Bareli as their legacy.”

He said, “But Modi’s legacy is the permanent house for the poor, toilet provided to crores of mothers and sisters of the country, the facility of electricity, gas and tap water provided to the Dalit poor. Modi’s legacy is the free ration given to the poor, free treatment, the new education policy formulated for the bright future of your children, Modi’s legacy is for everyone’s.”

While addressing the voters of three Lok Sabha constituencies – Etawah, Mainpuri and Kannauj – simultaneously, the PM said after his 10-year tenure, he has once again come to seek the people’s blessings. “You all have seen my hard work, serving you honestly has been my religion. Now Modi is paving the way for India not only for the next 5 years but also for the next 25 years. India should be strong for 1,000 years and Modi is preparing the foundation for it,” he said.

He said “Modi is doing all this because whether Modi is there or not the country will always be there. On the other hand, SP and Congress people are fighting elections for their future, for the future of their children. Whereas Modi-Yogi are working hard for your children, to build the future of your children.”

The PM said he will be empowered if Jaiveer Singh from Mainpuri, Ramshankar Katheria from Etawah and Subrata Pathak from Kannauj are elected in Lok Sabha polls. “You will not just elect MPs, you will elect the government,” he said.

Continuing his verbal onslaught on SP and Congress, he said the words of the opposition are “false”, their promises are “false”, the slogans are “false” and the intentions are also “flawed”.

He said, “These people did not spare people even during the Corona crisis. The scientists of the country made the vaccine, but the people of SP and Congress also defamed it. They themselves got vaccinated secretly and used to instigate people on TV and social media, so that there could be an outcry and defamation against Modi.”

The PM said, “Now they are trying their best to spread lies about our democracy and our Constitution. When the Constitution of the country was formulated 75 years ago Baba Saheb Ambedkar and Nehru himself had said that there should be no reservation on the basis of religion, but now SP, Congress and all their companies want to snatch the reservation of SC, ST and OBC and distribute it on the basis of religion.”

He said that in Karnataka Muslims were declared as OBCs overnight. “The result of this was that the 27 percent reservation given to OBCs was snatched. If this happens in UP, then what will happen to the rights of my Yadav, Maurya, Lodh, Pal, Jatav, Shakya, Kushwaha brothers and sisters. This is a big alarm bell,” he said.

Accusing SP and Congress of appeasement, he five years ago, the royal family of Congress was roaming from temple to temple during the elections. “The prince of Congress had even worn the ‘Janeu’ (sacred thread) over his coat, but this time the darshan of the temple was stopped, the sacred thread was taken off. Not only this, after 500 years a historic moment came, the whole country was happy with the construction of a grand Ram temple, but he also rejected the invitation for consecration,” he said.

The PM said, “They have so much hatred that I had recently gone to Dwarka, so in this also the prince of Congress has a problem as to why I went inside the sea to worship. Even puja seems like a gimmick to them. While abusing Modi, these people have also started insulting Lord Krishna. They have nothing to do with your faith.”

Modi said that in the area which was famous for Katta factory, the defence corridor is being built. “Today the textile industry here and the perfume of Kannauj have got a new identity. Whenever I meet guests from abroad, I definitely give them the opportunity to smell the perfume of Kannauj. Even the important people of the world who had come to G-20 were gifted with the perfume of Kannauj,” he said.

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