Captivating battle in offing b/w Gowda clan & DK brothers for Bengaluru rural seat

By BD Narayankar
Bengaluru, April 10 (UNI) The upcoming Lok Sabha election in Bengaluru Rural constituency promises to be a captivating battle, marked by complex political dynamics and strategic moves by key contenders.

Representing the BJP is Dr CN Manjunath, whose professional background and familial ties with JDS leader HD Deve Gowda lend him significant credibility. His potential appointment as the health minister in the Modi cabinet adds intrigue to his candidacy, enhancing his appeal among voters.

Challenging him is the incumbent Congress MP, D K Suresh, who hails from a politically influential family with strong connections to Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar. Suresh is leveraging his local roots and positioning himself as the authentic representative of the region, garnering support from JDS workers and framing Dr. Manjunath as an outsider.

The BJP has been steadily consolidating its support in the constituency, evident from its increased vote share in the previous election. Dr Manjunath emphasised the strategic alliance between BJP and JDS, projecting it as a winning formula based on both mathematical calculations and the groundswell of support for change.

“There are two aspects. One is the mathematics of politics. The second is chemistry of politics. If you go by mathematical calculation, if you take the 2019 Lok Sabha election, at that time Congress and JDS were together and the BJP contested alone. So when the BJP contested alone, the BJP got 6.7 lakh votes. Now JDS is with BJP, so going by mathematics, this combination of BJP and JDS is ahead of Congress.

“As far as chemistry is concerned, so I have toured 8 assembly elections in the last 16 to 17 days. There is a wave of change. People want change. And there is an overwhelming response wherever we go. So that gives a lot of confidence. That is number one.

“And number two – JDS and BJP are together. The BJP is pretty strong in the urban belt and the rural belt, JDS is strong. Even there, in some pockets BJP is strong. Both BJP and JDS workers are working in tandem and there is a lot of enthusiasm among the workers. And I am not fighting this election alone. I am an NDA candidate contesting from BJP. So the entire force is with us,” Dr Manjunath told UNI.

However, Suresh’s camp remains optimistic, drawing strength from past electoral victories and deep-rooted local backing. The historical rivalry between the DKS brothers and the Gowda clan adds a personal and intense dimension to the contest, fueling the competition and highlighting the high stakes involved.

The BJP’s tactic of wooing JDS votes through the influence of Gowda and Kumaraswamy could potentially tip the scales in Dr Manjunath’s favour. Nonetheless, Suresh’s meticulous groundwork at the grassroots level, combined with strategic initiatives like mobilizing party workers and active participation in local events, showcases his commitment to retaining the seat.

As the election unfolds, the clash between political factions in the Bengaluru Rural constituency will be fiercely contested, with the Gowda clan and DK brothers employing diverse tactics to secure victory. The outcome will not only shape the local political landscape but also reflect broader regional and national trends.

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