Bus Crashes into Murali rly under bridge in Sehore; many injured

Bhopal: A passenger bus bound for Sehore collided with the Murali Railway under bridge, resulting in injuries to nearly a dozen passengers. The mishap, occurring around 10:35 am, was promptly attended to by local authorities.

The bus, en route from Narsinghgarh to Sehore, reportedly veered out of control, potentially due to brake malfunction or driver error, as recounted by eyewitnesses at the scene. Prompt response from Sehore police helped in managing the situation swiftly.

Brajmohan Dhakad, the Traffic Police Sehore in-charge, detailed, “Prior to colliding with the under bridge, the bus had an initial impact with a Tavera vehicle. Approximately twelve individuals suffered injuries, with two in critical condition.”

However, Maya Singh, in-charge of the Mandi police station, revised the injury count upwards to 16 passengers. Currently, all the injured are under medical care at nearby hospitals.

Expressing concern, Himanshu Singh, one of the injured passengers, highlighted the issue of overcrowding aboard the bus. Despite raising objections to the bus conductor regarding the excessive load, no corrective action was taken.

Authorities have initiated a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the precise cause behind the accident, ensuring accountability and preventive measures for future incidents.

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