Buddha Purnima celebrated with religious fervour

Bhopal: The capital city of Madhya Pradesh, witnessed an elaborate and vibrant celebration of Buddha Purnima on Thursday. The occasion was celebrated with great fervor and devotion across the city. Various religious programmes were organized, drawing a significant number of participants and spectators who came together to honor and reflect upon the teachings of Buddha.

The day commenced with Buddha Vandana (Buddhist prayers) and Dhammadeshana (sermons on the teachings of Buddha). Monks and devotees gathered early in the morning at various temples and meditation centers. The serene atmosphere resonated with the chants and recitations, creating a spiritually uplifting experience for everyone present.

Mahaparitran Recitation

One of the central rituals of the day was the recitation of the Mahaparitran, a significant Buddhist text. This recitation, performed by a group of learned monks, aimed at invoking blessings and spreading the message of peace, compassion, and wisdom. The rhythmic chanting created a profound sense of tranquility and reverence among the attendees.

Tree Worship

Tree worship, symbolizing the Bodhi Tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, was another key ritual. Devotees offered water, flowers, and prayers to the sacred trees in various parts of the city. This practice not only honored the significance of the Bodhi Tree but also emphasized the importance of nature in Buddhist philosophy.

Gayatri Yagya

In a harmonious blend of Buddhist and Hindu traditions, Gayatri Yagya were conducted in various homes. The yagya involved the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra and offerings to the holy fire. Participants believed that this ritual would bring peace, prosperity, and purification of the mind and soul.

Besides the primary rituals, several other activities were organized throughout the city. These included meditation sessions, religious discourses, and cultural programs depicting the life and teachings of Buddha. Many temples and community centers also arranged for free distribution of food and essentials to the needy, reflecting the spirit of compassion and charity.

Community Participation

The celebrations saw active participation from various sections of society, including local residents, tourists, and members of different religious communities. The inclusive nature of the events highlighted the universal appeal of Buddha’s message and fostered a sense of unity and shared spirituality.

The day’s events not only honored the life of Gautama Buddha but also served as a reminder of the timeless relevance of his teachings in fostering a compassionate and harmonious society.


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