Mercury soars to 44.5 in Indore

  • Temp close to 44 in city; Niwari hottest at 47

Bhopal: The entire state is reeling under intense heat as heat wave has hit almost entire state. As nautapa is set to begin from Saturday, mercury soared to 44.5 degrees in Indore.

Cities in the State of Madhya Pradesh are burning like a hot furnace. Ratlam recorded the highest temperature and was scorching hot for the past two days. Meanwhile, temperatures in Bhopal and Indore have reached record levels, while Gwalior-Chambal is experiencing a heat wave.

Earlier, on Wednesday, there was extreme heat. The temperature in Ratlam was recorded at 45 degrees. For the second consecutive day, Ratlam was the hottest place in the state. Bhopal and Indore were the hottest of the season, with temperatures recorded at 43.9 degrees in Bhopal and 434.5 degrees Celsius in Indore. Gwalior recorded 43.7 degrees, Ujjain 43.8 degrees, and Jabalpur had a temperature of 42 degrees.

There was light rain in Bhopal on Wednesday evening, but after that, the humidity increased. Temperatures of 44 degrees or more were recorded in Shivpuri, Sagar, Naogaon, Datia, Guna, Khajuraho, Khandwa, Khargone, Shajapur, Damoh, and Dhar.

Mercury reached its highest level in Indore

The temperature in Indore is increasing every day due to the intense heat of the sun. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature in the city reached 44.5 degrees on Thursday. The mercury reached its highest level for the second time in ten years. In the previous year in 2016, the mercury had reached 44.5 degrees in Indore. After eight years the mercury jumped again.

The residents of the city are in bad condition due to the scorching heat and heat wave for the last few days. Even before the start of Nautapa, the scorching heat has started in the city. Meteorologists had expressed apprehension two days ago that the mercury in the city could reach beyond 45 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, in Bhopal the mercury zoomed to be recorded close to 44 degrees mark at 43.9. Niwari was hottest at 47, while it was above 46 in Chhatarpur and Barwani.

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