Breast cancer awareness workshop organized

  • Female Ayurveda doctors lay emphasis on identifying early symptoms of disease

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
A one-day breast cancer awareness workshop was organized by the Bhopal chapter of Women of Wisdom, an organization of women Ayurveda doctors of the city.

The objective of this workshop was to increase awareness about the early symptoms of breast cancer. Dr. Swagata Brahmachari, surgeon, AIIMS Bhopal, gave detailed information about screening for early symptoms of breast cancer to about 100 women Ayurveda doctors participating in the workshop. 20 lakh women all over the world are suffering from breast cancer

Dr. Brahmachari said that about 20 lakh women in the world are suffering from breast cancer and in India, one out of every 22 women is affected by this disease. She said that more cases of breast cancer are found in women in urban areas. Women’s lives can be saved if cancer is detected at an early stage, but due to lack of awareness, most of the cases are detected in advanced stages only. She explained the simple process of self-breast examination and stressed that women should do it once a month. She further explained that women can examine their own breasts to identify early symptoms of breast cancer. If any unusual lump or swelling is felt, contact the doctor immediately.

She also said that the chances of breast cancer can be reduced by having a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, regular exercise and not using hormone replacement therapy. Its chances are higher in women above 55 years of age and obesity, alcoholism, unbalanced lifestyle and eating habits also increase the chances of cancer.

During the program, the city’s senior female Ayurveda doctor, Dr. Professor Urmila Shukla, was honored with the Vaidyaratnam Award for her continuous efforts in the development and promotion of Ayurveda.

Organizing committee members Dr. Bindu Raj, Dr. Moushami, Dr. Neha Jain, Dr. Vibha, Dr. Aashi, Dr. Neeru Kundwani and Dr. Monica Jain played an active role in the program. Program coordinator Dr. Babita Sharma said that the organization regularly organizes seminars, guest lectures and workshops on important health related topics.

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