BHEL’s dilapidated houses will be demolished, encroachments will be removed

  • BHEL Bhopal’s ED Ramanathan says: Build beautiful BHEL suburbs with the support of the administration.

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal: After almost a decade, BHEL Bhopal is excited about a profit of Rs 3403 crores this year. This time, BHEL Bhopal has also surpassed the Trichy unit. This achievement has been made due to the teamwork of all the employees and officers of BHEL Bhopal. Now BHEL’s next target is Rs 4275 crores. Along with this, we will also try to make BHEL township clean and beautiful. For this, we will cooperate with public representatives and administration.

This information was given by BHEL Bhopal’s ED SM Ramanathan in a press conference. He said that the dilapidated vacant houses of BHEL township are being demolished. Along with this, the encroachers are also being removed. In this work, BHEL city administration is getting full support from the Municipal Corporation and Police Administration. We will try to get the roads in front of the presently living employee houses repaired before the rains. There has been a team spirit among the employees and officers to bring BHEL to the top in the entire group. Therefore, the problems of the employees living in BHEL township will also be resolved.

BHEL will not be privatized

ED Ramanathan said that the government has no intention to privatize BHEL, because one of the Navratna companies is moving ahead with profit. Therefore, there is no talk of privatization right now. There is no shortage of orders. Transformers, turbines, traction motors, hydro and other equipment are being manufactured on a large scale. As a result of this, we have come first among the total 17 units of BHEL by completing the production target of Rs 3403 crore in the financial year 2023-24. Mostly BHEL’s Trichy unit used to come first. This time Bhopal unit has been on top.

No plan to build new houses – He said that most of the employees in the township have bought their own houses, so very few employees are left in BHEL’s houses, at present there is no plan to build new houses. 50 years ago, at the beginning of BHEL factory, there were 22 thousand workers-officers, now only 4500 are left. Out of this, about 4000 employees have their own houses in the colonies of the township. In such a situation, there is enough housing for the remaining employees,

BHEL has plenty of orders – Ramanathan said that now there is no shortage of orders in BHEL. Orders worth Rs 77907 crore have been received. This time BHEL Bhopal unit has earned a profit of Rs 98 crore by completing the production target. There was a loss in 2020-21 during the Corona period, but now there is continuous profit.

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