Board results may come in April

Evaluation of answer sheets of board exam will start from 22nd

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
So far 12 papers have been conducted for the 10th and 12th examinations of Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education. Their evaluation is going to start from 22nd February, although the examinations are going on. On the other hand, the board has completed preparations for the first phase of evaluation of answer sheets. Keeping in view the Lok Sabha elections, this time the Board has set a target of declaring the results in April instead of May.

Officials of the division said that the answer sheets of the question papers completed so far have started reaching the evaluation centers, set up at the district headquarters from the collection centres. 25 thousand teachers from the state and 1800 teachers from Bhopal district will be engaged in the evaluation work. It is noteworthy that this year about 17 lakh students have appeared in both the classes. According to officials, evaluation of copies of students of Bhopal district will be done in other districts. As soon as the paper is over, the copies are being bundled and sent to the coordinating centres. However, a target has been set to evaluate two and a half to three thousand copies daily in each centre. The Board’s instructions are that teachers should do the work of checking copies with full transparency and speed. As soon as the evaluation is over, the marks of the students also have to be uploaded on the portal immediately. Result will be prepared on that basis.

Instructions sent to officials
Instructions have been sent by the board to all the collectors and DEOs of Madhya Pradesh. Teachers are being imposed on duty to check the answer sheets. The teachers who are currently busy in conducting the examination will be involved in the evaluation work after the examination is over. At present, the first phase of evaluation will be started by additional teachers from 22nd February. Only those teachers who have at least five years of teaching experience will be on duty in evaluation. Before the dates of Lok Sabha elections are announced, instructions have been given to complete the evaluation work of both the classes before putting the teachers on duty.

= The Board of Secondary Education has decided to start the evaluation work from 22nd February. The evaluation work will start under strict monitoring. We have given instructions to teachers in this regard. We have set a target to declare the result by 15th April.
–       KD Tripathi, Secretary, Board of Secondary Education Bhopal

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