BJP shocked by Digvijay’s political tact

  • Decision to worship Shakti instead of displaying power surprised everyone
  • Raghogarh royal family will introduce simplicity in submitting nomination form for the first time
  • Digvijay says we are fighting Lok Sabha elections in our own way
  • Digvijay Singh changing his strategy again and again in the elections

Chronicle Reporter, Biaora/Rajgarh
Senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh is changing his strategy. Singh, who has stunned the BJP with his political acumen, has taken a smart decision by suddenly simplifying the way he submitted his nomination forms.

Congress workers and leaders were hopeful that Digvijay Singh would show his strength by joining the nomination form in large numbers  of supporters and try to tell everyone that even though the king is not in power, there is no dearth of his army. But Singh has surprised everyone by announcing that he will fill his nomination form with only five people. Instead of displaying his power, Digvijay Singh has decided to worship Shakti on that day. He is submitting his nomination forms today and on today itself he will attend the Yagya organized at Maa Bijasan Bhaiswamata Darbar, the famous goddess site of the area, and will stay there for three hours. By doing this he has surprised even the BJP.

Firstly, he wants to mislead BJP on the pretext that Congress has no influence in public. By protesting, he also wants to highlight the lack of money of the party and by instructing the INCA workers to make full use of this day, he has instructed them to go to the polling booth and hold a meeting there. Not only this, he has also asked the workers to share the details of that day’s meeting, photos etc. on social media.

Nomination form will be filled today

Referring to the meeting of the Lok Sabha Steering Committee formed by the party, Singh had revealed yesterday that he is coming to Rajgarh to submit his nomination form today. But he will go to the Returning Officer with only five proposers, one lawyer, District President, LOS in-charge and will leave within an hour after submitting the nomination forms between 11.30 and 12.30.

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