BJP candidate launches poll campaign in Chhindwara

Bhopal: Vivek Sahu, the BJP candidate in Chhindwara, has officially commenced his election campaign. He initiated his campaign by paying his respects at various places of worship within the city. In the morning, he visited the Shashti Mata Temple, situated right in front of his residence, where he offered his prayers. Following this, he proceeded to the Angarh Hanuman Temple, where he submitted an application at the Hanuman Darbar and engaged in prayers.

Vivek Bunty Sahu extended his campaign to other religious locations, including the Shantinath Jain Temple on Nagpur Road, the Sant Jhulelal Temple in Mohan Nagar, and the Balmiki Gurudwara and Gurusingh Sabha on Station Road. At each of these places, he sought blessings from the religious leaders who were present.

After these spiritual visits, he ventured into the rural area of Chhindwara assembly, specifically to Barra in Gangiwara, to connect with the public. There, he offered prayers to Badadev and initiated public relations activities. The public demonstrated remarkable enthusiasm and warmly welcomed the BJP candidate, Vivek Bunty Sahu, with floral garlands at various locations.

During these public interactions, Vivek Bunty Sahu was joined by a significant gathering, including the BJP Mandal President, Santkumar Yaduvanshi, the District Cooperation Office Minister, Dineshkant Malviya, the Mahila Morcha District President, Garima Prateek Damodar, the District Cooperative Cell Coordinator, Santosh Patel, as well as Leela Bajolia, RK Markam, Amar Suryavanshi, Munna Sahu, Dinesh Sahu, and numerous BJP officials, workers, and villagers, such as Chanchalesh Sahu, Dr. Madan Soni, Praveen Bunty Sahu, Ashti Sahu, and Abhi Tamrakar.


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