BJP anticipates surprising electoral gains in South India, says Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad, Mar 17 (UNI) Union Minister and Telangana BJP President G Kishan Reddy, expressed confidence in the BJP’s prospects, foreseeing unexpected electoral successes in South India.

Addressing the media at the state party headquarters on Sunday, Reddy attributed the BJP’s momentum to the widespread popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance, emphasizing the significant support garnered from the people across the nation. He noted that numerous leaders and workers from other parties were joining the BJP, drawn by their admiration for Modi’s leadership.

Reddy projected a surge in the popularity of Modi’s administration nationwide, setting ambitious electoral goals of securing 370 seats independently and over 400 seats in alliance with NDA partners in the upcoming general elections, particularly emphasizing the potential for significant gains in South India.

Highlighting the BJP’s commitment to inclusive governance, Reddy emphasized the party’s record of listening to the voices of all citizens while maintaining a clean and corruption-free tenure. He cited the BJP’s appeal to various demographic segments, including the poor, marginalized, youth, women, farmers, and workers, as indicative of widespread support for the party.

Regarding the political landscape in Telangana, Reddy criticized the previous administration led by the BRS party, alleging corruption and authoritarian rule under the leadership of the Kalvakuntla family. He referenced the legal troubles faced by KCR’s daughter, Kavitha, in a money laundering case, asserting the BJP’s commitment to upholding accountability and justice.

Responding to criticisms leveled against the BJP, Reddy dismissed accusations of corruption and involvement in illicit activities, challenging detractors to provide evidence to support their claims. He ridiculed allegations against the BJP and Modi, particularly regarding corruption and involvement in the liquor industry, highlighting perceived hypocrisy from opposition parties, including the Congress.

Reddy also condemned the proliferation of illicit liquor outlets in Telangana, attributing the issue to the policies of the current Congress government, which he likened to the practices of the Kalvakuntla family.

Former MLA Aruri Ramesh, who joined the BJP, expressed his admiration for Modi’s leadership and the party’s commitment to the welfare and development of the nation. He praised the BJP’s sincerity in addressing issues such as SC sub-categorization, which resonated with him and other villagers.

The event witnessed the participation of various BJP leaders, former MLAs, and members of the BRS party, symbolizing a growing alliance in Telangana ahead of the upcoming elections.

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