Big leaders of party do not pick up phone

  • Congress engaged in preparation for Lok Sabha elections, officials express complaints in meeting
  • Congress fills social media warriors with enthusiasm
  • Patwari is continuously communicating with officials

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

An important meeting of the Congress Social Media Department was organized at the State Congress Office on Sunday. A large number of Congress social media department officials and district presidents participated in it.

In the meeting, the officials said that many issues are worth raising, but many big leaders do not pick up the phone, due to which issues from their social side are not raised. The meeting was presided over by Congress State President Jitu Patwari. In the meeting, the functioning and organizational role of social media in the Lok Sabha elections was discussed in detail. Apart from the state officer of Social Media Department, District President, Lok Sabha area in-charge and Assembly area coordinator were also present in the meeting. In the meeting, State President Jitu Patwari said that all the workers should start preparing for the Lok Sabha elections. Social media plays an important role in elections. BJP works to spread confusion, lies and untruth through social media. All the workers together have to expose every lie of the BJP. Along with this, BJP has to give a strong reply on social media and Congress has to do full publicity.

Make Rahul Gandhi’s visit successful

Sandeep Gupta, in-charge of All India Congress Committee Social Media Department, while giving information about the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra being taken out by Rahul Gandhi, former President of All India Congress Committee, said that this Yatra will pass through 9 districts of Madhya Pradesh, which will cover 700 kilometers in 7 days. It is the responsibility of every social media worker to work effectively to make the Yatra as successful as possible.

Connect people with the ideology of the party

Patwari said to increase followers on social media, tweet party issues, promote them on WhatsApp, Instagram. Connect as many people as possible with the ideology of the party and try to connect with them. Congress Social Media Department Chairman Abhay Tiwari and All India Congress Social Media Department co-in-charge Sandeep Gupta also addressed the meeting. The meeting is being conducted by Abhinav Barolia, Vice President of the Social Media Department. Patwari said that we have to bring the mentality of Congress and the thoughts towards Congress in the feelings of the people. Today we are sitting in the opposition and our responsibility is to fight for justice for the public, which we have to fight with full force through social media.

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