Bhopal Metro will be extended up to Sehore, Mandideep

CM unveils model coach; trial runs will start from Sep and train operations by April-May

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan unveiled the model coach of metro train at Smart Park in Shyamla Hills on Saturday. CM said that the metro train will not be limited to Bhopal city only. It will run from Bhopal to Mandideep and then to Sehore via Bairagarh. The trial run of the metro train will start in Indore and Bhopal in September and the train will start running by April-May. Now Bhopal and Indore will be metro rail cities. The public will get many facilities from the metro train. Travel time will be saved and the journey will also be comfortable. The Mayor of Bhopal, Malti Rai and public representatives and eminent citizens were present in the programme.

Metro train coach will be open for public viewing

It is notable that the real model of the metro train coach has been displayed in Smart Park. After the unveiling, the model coach will be opened for viewing by children and the general public. Metro train is made up of 3 such coaches. Preparations for Metro trial run of 5 km length in Bhopal and 6 km in Indore are being carried out at a fast pace. The Orange and Blue lines of Metro are under construction in Bhopal, the total length of which is 31 kilometers and the cost is Rs 7 thousand crore. The Orange Line is 17 km from Karond Square to AIIMS and the Blue Line is 14 km from Bhadbhada Square to Ratnagiri Square. The work of Orange Line is going on at a fast pace. The Yellow Line is under construction in Indore Metro. Its total length is 31 kilometers and the cost is 7500 crores.

World’s best technology and AI will be used

Bhopal-Indore Metro has been designed to operate with the world’s leading technology (grade of automation-4), in which artificial intelligence has also been used. This technology will be of great benefit in ensuring the safety of the Metro and in energy conservation. Each coach will have a total of 8 doors. The metro train will have CCTV camera system, display unit, air conditioning (AC) system, ultramodern lighting system, passenger emergency communication unit so that passengers can talk to the driver in case of emergency. The design of the train has been prepared from the safest level i.e. HL-3 level for the safety of passengers from fire. The train will also be equipped with fire alarm, smoke alarm system and fire extinguisher.

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