Bhopal Metro junction will be built at Pul Bogda

  • Work will start by June-July
  • Ongoing preparations for commercial run

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Under the Bhopal Metro Project, a Bhopal Metro junction will be built at Pul Bogda. This work can be started in June-July. At present, a survey is being done by Bhopal Metro to build the junction. Tenders have been issued for building the junction.

After the survey, the work of constructing the junction will start. Besides, the work of making tracks for the metro from Pul Bogda to Karond is also going to start soon. There is another good news for the city residents that by the end of the year, metro trains can start from Subhash Nagar depot to AIIMS. The work of the Priority Line project is almost completed.

Now the work of making tracks under Bhopal Metro from Pul Bogda to Karond is also going to start soon. During this period, two underground metro stations will be built. One metro station will be built near Nadra bus stand and the other near Bhopal railway station. This route is about 16.5 kilometers. After its construction, the residents of Karond will be able to easily reach AIIMS by traveling by metro.

Testing continues by operating metro on the main line

Under the Bhopal Metro project, commercial runs can start by the end of the year. Due to this, preparations for the commercial run are going on in full swing. Metro runs daily at the depot. Apart from this, testing is going on by running the metro on the main line. After all the work on the Priority Line is completed, the commercial run will be started from Subhash Nagar Depot to AIIMS. Its route is eight kilometers. This run will start with five metro trains. However, 27 metro trains are to be run under the project. At present five trains have arrived. There are three coaches in a train. Sibi Chakraborty, Managing Director, MP Metro, says that tenders have been issued to build tracks and junctions from Pul Bogda to Karond. This work will start after the survey. The work of Priority Line is almost completed. Five-six metro stations have been built. Soon after the completion of the work, there will be commercial run on the priority line.

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