AIIMS Bhopal’s doctors honored

Bhopal: AIIMS doctors were honored by Paryavaran Sanskriti Sanrakshan and Manav Kalyan Trust for their dedicated service towards humanity. Recently, a seriously injured patient lying abandoned in the parking lot of AIIMS Bhopal was picked up by the doctors and admitted to the ward and treated. The patient’s leg bone was broken and his leg had also rotted. All the expenses of his treatment were also borne by the hospital.

Executive Director of AIIMS Bhopal, Prof. (Dr.) Ajai Singh said that today society needs to think why such a situation arises when someone leaves an injured patient abandoned. The doctors of the hospital are performing their duty by treating the patient. But the problem arises when the patient gets well, then how to discharge him, because no one comes to pick him up. In such a situation, someone has to take initiative and come forward showing sympathy.

Trust’s Chairman Sushil Kumar Jain said that AIIMS Bhopal has achieved new heights of success in the last two years. He thanked the Executive Director of AIIMS Bhopal, Prof. (Dr.) Ajai Singh and said that under his guidance, the best health facilities being provided by AIIMS Bhopal for human welfare are definitely making the lives of people better.

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