Accused in RGPV financial scandal shun phone usage to evade police

Bhopal: Individuals implicated in the financial misconduct case at Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) are deliberately avoiding the use of mobile phones to evade apprehension. The fugitives—former Vice Chancellor Sunil Kumar, ex-Registrar RS Rajput, and former financial controller Rishikesh Verma—are constantly shifting their whereabouts across four states to evade detection by the Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Authorities are facing significant challenges in tracking down the suspects, prompting the police to consider offering a cash reward for information leading to their arrest. Key focus lies on capturing Sunil Kumar and Rajput, the primary accused in the case, for whom an FIR has been lodged, alongside three others, including Mayank, who has already been apprehended. The accused stand accused of embezzling Rs 19.48 crores from the university.

A senior police official disclosed that a lookout notice against Kumar and Rajput is likely to be issued soon, with authorities having already petitioned the central government for its issuance. Meanwhile, investigations into the financial irregularities remain pending, awaiting the appointment of a financial officer by the technical education department.

In a parallel development, amidst the ongoing inquiry into financial misconduct at RGPV, posters have emerged at the university’s main entrance urging employees to speak out against corruption, bearing the message: “Hain RGPV Ke Karmchariyo, Bhrastachar Ke Khilaf Maun Todo (employees of RGPV, break your silence against corruption)”.


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