CM questions credibility of Rahul’s remark

Bhopal: Chief Minister Mohan Yadav has openly criticized Rahul Gandhi’s recent comments targeting the BJP, asserting that even within the Congress party, Gandhi’s statements are not taken seriously.

Addressing reporters in Bhopal, Yadav emphasized Gandhi’s lack of credibility within his own party, stating, “Even his own party members don’t regard him seriously, so why would others?”

Yadav highlighted the absence of the Congress party in ongoing election campaigns, attributing it to Rahul Gandhi’s lack of seriousness towards both the party and the elections. He expressed concerns over Congress falling significantly behind and urged the party to address its internal conflicts.

“We’re unsure of Congress’s whereabouts; they’re significantly falling behind. Rahul Gandhi bears responsibility for this. He didn’t prioritize Congress or the elections. We anticipate that Congress will address its internal conflicts and reflect on its approach,” Yadav remarked.

Yadav, who was in Jabalpur for various events alongside the party’s national president J P Nadda, mentioned plans to continue the election campaign in Ujjain and Indore.

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