AAP workers in Bhopal stage protest, go on hunger strike

Bhopal: Workers of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) gathered at Neelam park on Sunday to protest the recent arrest of their leader, Arvind Kejriwal, by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). The demonstration was part of a nationwide movement to express solidarity with Kejriwal and denounce what AAP members perceive as politically motivated actions against their leader.

The process of gathering of AAP workers began since morning in Bhopal’s Neelam Park. Party state president Rani Aggarwal was present in this event. Many big faces of Congress were also seen. Actually, Congress candidate from Bhopal Arun Srivastava participated in this fast under the Indie Alliance.

Slogans raised

In a powerful display of dissent, AAP workers raised slogans against the government demanding justice for Kejriwal. Emotions ran high as protesters voiced their concerns over what they view as an attempt to silence opposition voices.

Notably, a significant number of AAP supporters opted to observe a hunger strike as a symbol of their commitment to the cause. Fasting under scorching sunlight, they expressed their determination to continue until their demands for Kejriwal’s release were met.

Speaking to the press, one protester asserted, “The arrest of Arvind Kejriwal is not just an attack on him but an attack on the democratic values of our nation. We cannot stand idly by while injustice prevails.”

The protest in Bhopal echoes similar demonstrations taking place across the country, with AAP members and supporters from various regions coming together in a unified voice against what they perceive as an infringement on democratic rights.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders and workers observed a ‘samuhik upwas’ or mass fasting to protest against the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister in a corruption case linked to the Delhi liquor policy.


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