4-day Tablighi Ijtima concludes with special prayers

Bhopal: The four-day Tablighi Ijtima, a global Islamic congregation, reached its culmination on Monday at Eint Khedi in Bhopal, drawing devout Muslims from various corners of the world. The event, marked by prayers, reflections, and teachings, saw participants coming together to strengthen their faith and commitment to spreading Islamic teachings.

‘Ijtima,’ concluded with approximately 10 lakh devotees gathering for the final prayer in the Eint Khedi. The massive congregation extended over 15 kilometers, causing a traffic jam on the road between Eint Khedi and Bhopal bus stand, affecting Bhopal Talkies road, Sindhi Colony, and Gautam Nagar for several hours.

Devotees from around the world participated in the gathering, with people arriving in Bhopal from various countries starting on Sunday morning and continuing throughout the night. Recognizing the crowd’s size, Bhopal police restricted the entry of large vehicles on the route on Sunday. Simultaneously, volunteers from the Ijtima Committee managed traffic from the railway station to Eint Khedi.

Ijtima Gah remained green, clean, and dust-free

Despite the large crowd gathered in one place, cleanliness at Ijtima Gah was not compromised. The venue remained green, clean, and dust-free, with water being sprinkled every four hours to prevent dust clouds caused by the movement of the considerable number of people on the Ijtima Gah soil. This proactive measure began days before the event and continued throughout the Ijtima.

Devotees from various countries, including America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Jordan, Afghanistan, and Canada, participated in the Ijtima hosted in Bhopal. Typically, strict restrictions are imposed on attendees, requiring registration for entry, and the use of polythene and smoking materials is prohibited at the Ijtima venue.

Gathering was graced by Maulana Saad Saheb

The culmination of the Ijtima commenced on Monday morning with a special prayer session at 9 am, following the Fajr prayers. The spiritual gathering was graced by the presence of Maulana Saad Saheb, who delivered a significant statement to those embarking on the journey of Jamaat. In his address, Maulana Saad Saheb emphasized the importance of adhering to fundamental principles, maintaining a steadfast mindset, and fulfilling the responsibilities integral to their mission.

The attendees listened attentively as Maulana Saad Saheb shared insights into the ideals that should guide their actions and the profound impact their work could have on communities worldwide. The spiritual discourse served as a source of inspiration for those participating in the Jamaat, providing them with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

After the enlightening session, attendees began to disperse from the Ijtimagah, carrying the teachings and blessings of the event with them. The Ijtima management reported that, following the morning prayers, people from diverse regions started their journeys back to their respective locations across the country.

The Tablighi Ijtima is renowned for fostering unity among Muslims and promoting the peaceful propagation of Islamic teachings. This year’s event in Bhopal saw a diverse congregation of participants from different countries, contributing to the global appeal of the spiritual gathering.

As the devout participants dispersed, they carried with them the spiritual rejuvenation gained during the four-day congregation, further strengthening the bonds of the global Muslim community. The success of the Tablighi Ijtima in Bhopal reflects the ongoing commitment of Muslims worldwide to the values of unity, brotherhood, and the peaceful dissemination of Islamic teachings.

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