245 km work completed in new railway projects

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Railways is developing the infrastructure in various projects in a planned manner, due to which it has given impetus to the infrastructure projects in the last few years and has completed the work of 245 km in 2023. These include the work on 26.50 km Budni-Barkheda railway section under Bhopal-Itarsi trifurcation.

This has boosted the development of areas, economic and industrial development as well as employment. From January to December, under various projects, 245 km of infrastructure construction work has been completed in West Central Railway in a year including New Railway Line Project 62 km, Doubling Project 89 km and Triplening Project 94 km.

In these projects, the work of Lalitpur-Singrauli, Rewa-Govindgarh, Ramganjmandi-Bhopal, Junakheda-Aklera railway section and Aklera-Ghatoli new lines has been completed. Similarly, doubling of Katni-Singrauli, Khanna Banjari-Mahroi railway section, Niwas Road-Saraigram railway section, Mahroi-Vijaysota and Kota-Bina under Pipraigaon, Guneru Banmeru, Mungawali-Kanjiya-Motipura Chowki-Ruthiyai and Kota-Sogaria has been completed. .

The trifurcation project includes Khurai-Sumreri, Ghatera-Sagouni, Girwar-Lidhaura Khurd, Sagouni-Sailaya and Budni-Barkheda railway sections on Bandakpur-Damoh, Bhopal-Itarsi.

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