12-year-old girl dies of suicide, leaves a heart-wrenching suicide note

Bhopal: A 12-year-old girl penned a heart-wrenching suicide note, seeking forgiveness from her parents before tragically ending her life by hanging herself at her residence in Misrod. The devastating discovery was made by her family the following morning. According to the contents of her note, it appears that the girl felt burdened by her parents’ disapproval of her leisurely time spent with friends, fearing it would lead her astray. Investigating officer Sudhakar Sharma informed that Anjali Waghmare, a sixth-grade student at a private school, took this drastic measure.

Anjali’s father works as a daily wage laborer, while her mother is employed as a domestic worker. The distressing event unfolded on Thursday night when Anjali took her own life within her room. Her parents found her lifeless body the next morning along with the poignant note, expressing, “Please forgive me, Mom and Dad. You often worry about me getting spoiled while spending time with friends. Now, I’m departing from this world, freeing you from such concerns.” Authorities have initiated a comprehensive investigation, with the girl’s body undergoing post-mortem examination to ascertain further details surrounding this tragic incident.

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