Youth stabbed over old dispute, 5 held

Bhopal: A 22-year-old man named Aamir Ali was shot and attacked with knives by a group of more than six assailants due to a past dispute. The attack took place as Aamir, along with his friend Faisal and two others, was on the way to the hospital to seek medical help for Faisal’s brother-in-law who had a fractured leg.

The assailants intercepted them at the Alpana intersection, where they stopped Aamir’s vehicle and inflicted serious injuries on him, including wounds to his legs, hands, and back. The police have taken five suspects into custody for questioning in connection with the incident. The incident is believed to be linked to longstanding rivalries between different groups in the area, with Aamir having been involved in previous criminal cases and associated with a group in Bajaria.

According to the police, two cars carrying Jubai Kilkil, Shannu Wazandar, and Fardeen arrived at Alpana junction, followed by around six more people in another car. They fired two rounds at the Aamir and then stabbed him multiple times with knives. One bullet hit his thigh, and he fell down. In an attempt to rescue themselves, his friends left the scene. Aamir was stabbed six times in his wrists, back, and legs by the attackers.

The police have registered a case of attempted murder and have detained five suspects for questioning.

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