Women are future of sustainable development

  • Speakers express views during WIPS annual day function

Bhopal: The annual day function was organized by WIPS, a forum of women in the public sector, today at the Cultural Auditorium of BHEL, Bhopal, the theme of which was “Women: The Future of Sustainable Development”. The chief guest in the program was S.M. Ramanathan, Executive Director, BHEL, Bhopal and Ms. Raksha Dubey (Chaubey), Deputy Commissioner, State Tax, Anti-Evasion Bureau, Bhopal was present as the guest speaker. BK Singh, General Manager (HR) presided over the programme.

On this occasion, Shrimati Sangeeta Ramanathan, President, BHEL Ladies Club, Dr. Alpana Tiwari, WIPS Unit Coordinator and CMS, Kasturba Hospital, all General Managers, all officers/members of WIPS and all officers/employees were present in large numbers.

In his address, Ramanathan said that unless half of the world’s population becomes socially and economically self-reliant, the idea of a prosperous and inclusive future is baseless. Only when women become financially self-reliant, the country’s economy develops. When women are given respectable participation in governance, then only governance becomes public welfare in the real sense and the government is able to achieve all its objectives.

Women are playing a leading role

On this occasion B.K. Singh said that women are the backbone of the country and society. Today, along with maintaining the structure of family and society, women are playing a leading role in all the economic, social and political fields of the country and in many fields their role is more praiseworthy than that of men. It is very important to have consistency in both words and actions.

Men and women can succeed by working together

Speaking as the guest speaker, Dubey said that the future of sustainable development lies in harnessing the potential of women. By creating inclusive environments and providing equal opportunities, we pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable world. He said that both men and women can achieve success in any objective only by working together. Lord Shiva is also like a dead body without Shakti Swarupa Parvati.

At the beginning of the program, Dr. Alpana Tiwari, CMS and General Manager, Kasturba Hospital, welcomed the guests and highlighted the outline of the WIPS program and the role of this institution. On this occasion, the e-magazine published by WIPS was also launched. On this occasion, those women employees who have received the best employee awards in Bhopal were also honoured. Smt. Namrata Jaiswal, Secretary WIPS, BHEL presented the annual report.

Cultural programs including lively dance performances and melodious singing were organized highlighting the creativity and artistic expressions of women.

The vote of thanks in the program was given by Ms. Clara Toppo, Additional General Manager and Co-Coordinator, WIPs and Ritu Mohan and Nisha Verma co-ordinated the program.

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