Woman candidate again from Rewa after twenty-eight years

  • Till date no woman elected MP from Rewa
  • Congress makes Neelam its candidate from Rewa this time

Dr. Ravi Tiwari, Rewa
The people of Rewa have always accepted male-dominated leadership in the Lok Sabha. Till date no woman MP has been elected from Rewa seat. In the Rewa Lok Sabha seat, national parties have fielded very few women by giving them the ticket.

After three decades, the Congress Party has fielded a woman candidate in the elections. Earlier in 1989, Congress had given a ticket to Maharani Praveen Kumari, however she could not win the election. After this, in the Lok Sabha elections held in 1996, BJP had fielded Maharani Praveen Kumari. Luck was not on her side here either and Maharani lost the election. If we look at the Lok Sabha elections from 1952 till now, no woman MP has been elected from Rewa, very little opportunity was given to her.

Half the population has not yet tasted victory. Congress, BJP and BSP fielded women in the elections, but could not taste victory. Women are active in politics in all parties, be it Congress or BJP, there is a long list of women leaders. BJP has been in power at the Center for a decade but no woman was given a chance from Rewa. While many women leaders were contenders for the Lok Sabha ticket and their names had also come up during the opinion poll, the party trusted only the old faces. It is another matter that a woman MP was elected from the neighboring district Sidhi. No woman MP has been elected in Rewa since independence. After three decades, Congress has fielded Mrs. Neelam Abhay Mishra in the election field. This election is not new for Neelam. Before this, she had been elected MLA by contesting elections from Semaria in 2013. For a long time, Congress did not give a chance to any woman. BJP also did not give tickets to any woman after 1996. Whereas from time to time there has been a demand to field a woman candidate.

There were two women candidates in 2019 elections

The last elections for Lok Sabha were held in the year 2019. 23 candidates were in the fray, including two women candidates. Rita Tripathi from Bhartiya Shakti Chetna Party was in the fray, who received 3032 votes. Shakuntala Mishra was in the election fray from SAPAKS, who got 3719 votes. Apart from this, other candidates were men. In the previous elections, various parties have been fielding women candidates. Vimla Sondhia and Sheela Kushwaha were in the fray in the 1984 elections. Apart from Congress-BJP, BSP also gave opportunity to women candidates and fielded Mrs. Vimala Devi in the 1989 elections. Who had received 1,37,431 votes at that time. In the Lok Sabha elections, women candidates from regional parties and independent women have been contesting the elections. Women are active in all the major parties of Rewa and also hold senior positions in the organization. At present the District Panchayat President is Mrs. Neeta Kaul. No woman candidate has yet filed nomination in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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