Widespread heat waves predicted across state in April

  • Month end to see temps surpassing 45°C; Gwalior-Chambal region to sizzle

Bhopal: As April progresses, Madhya Pradesh braces for scorching temperatures, particularly in the Gwalior-Chambal belt, anticipated to be the hottest zone. Meteorologists predict widespread heat waves across the state.

In the coming week, Gwalior is poised to peak at 46 degrees Celsius, with neighboring areas like Bhind, Datia, Morena, and Sheopur Kalan likely to experience temperatures soaring between 46 to 47 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, Niwari, Panna, Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh, Khargone, and Shivpuri are expected to hover around the 45-degree mark.

Dr. Divya E. Surendran, Senior Scientist at IMD Bhopal, noted the consistent trend of escalating temperatures in April. Nights are also expected to be unusually warm across many urban areas.

April and May mark the peak of summer. The temperature typically begins its ascent by the end of March, mirroring this year’s pattern where cities like Damoh and Ratlam have already breached 41-42 degrees Celsius, exceeding the norm by 2-3 degrees. This trend is anticipated to persist through April, with temperatures likely to surpass normal levels by 3-4 degrees in most regions.

Two Western Disturbances are slated to become active in North India on April 2nd and 5th respectively, with their impact expected to manifest in Madhya Pradesh within 2 to 3 days. While a slight alleviation might be felt due to their influence, the likelihood of rainfall remains minimal for now.

Influence of Al-Nino

The Weather Department forecasts daytime temperatures to soar to 46 or 47 degrees Celsius in Bhind, Morena, Datia, and Sheopurkala, while areas like Nimari, Panna, Chhattarpur, Tikamgarh, Khargone, and Shivpuri are expected to reach around 45 degrees Celsius. Weather scientists attribute this year’s intense heat wave trend in parts of the state to the influence of Al-Nino. Additionally, minimum temperatures are also projected to remain elevated across various cities.

With the activation of a western disturbance on April 2nd and another expected by April 5th, changes in weather patterns are anticipated by April 7th or 8th. However, rainfall prospects for the state remain bleak at present.

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