Who will get tickets in Sehore district?

  • Four assembly seats in the district are Budhni, Ichhawar, Sehore, and Ashta (reserved).
  • Long list of contenders from BJP and Congress

Jaiprakash Upadhyay, Sehore
Party workers and ticket claimants of both the major political parties BJP and Congress have become active for the assembly elections which are going to be held in the second half of the year. Jan Ashirwad Yatra and Jan Akrosh Rally have awakened the voters, but till now both the major parties have not announced the candidates for the four assembly seats of this district.

After the release of BJP’s second list, discussion has started on who will be the candidate this time from the famous Budhni assembly seat of the district. Political pundits say that this time the BJP high command is preparing to make the Chief Minister of the state contest from some other seat and not from Budhni. What is the truth, only time will tell. However, there is also a hot discussion about the Chief Minister’s son Kartikeya Singh Chauhan contesting from Budhni assembly seat.

On the other hand, government departments are waiting for the code of conduct to be implemented, while political leaders need tickets. Administrative preparations are also in the final stages. 9 lakh 80 thousand 389 voters in the district are also eagerly waiting to cast vote. Bhopal Divisional Commissioner has also seen the work being done by BLOs at the polling stations of the assembly constituencies under the voter list revision program. Voting will be held through 1238 polling stations in the district. 18 new polling stations have been created in the district. There are 363 polling stations in Budhni assembly constituency. A new polling station was built here. There are a total of 335 polling stations in Ashta assembly constituency in which three new polling stations have been created. There are 275 polling stations in Ichhawar assembly constituency in which 6 new polling stations have been created.

Similarly, a total of 8 new polling centers have been opened in the four assembly constituencies of Sehore district. There are four assembly seats in the district, Budhni, Ichhawar, Sehore, and Ashta (reserved) assembly seats respectively. Before the release of BJP’s second list, it was believed that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan would contest from Budhni seat as usual, but this possibility has been put to rest for now. Now the discussion about Chief Minister’s son Kartikeya Chauhan has gained momentum. He has also been active in Budhni assembly constituency since the beginning. In the remaining three assembly seats of the district, Sehore, Ashta and Ichhawar respectively, there is a long list of contenders from both the parties, BJP and Congress. And the leaders and workers of both the parties are demanding to give tickets to the local person from the party, they clearly say that if the party gives tickets to an outsider, we will strongly oppose it. Here, Kamlesh Dohre from BSP has entered the field with a bang. Dohre has recently resigned from government jobs and become active in politics.

Ashta Assembly Seat – Ashta Assembly Seat is a safe seat in the district. There is no dearth of contenders here too. Current MLA Raghunath Malviya from Bharatiya Janata Party, Gopal Engineer who recently went to BJP, Scindia supporter Ajit Singh are contenders for the ticket, whereas Rajaram Bade Bhai, HR Parmal, Kamal Singh Chauhan are contenders from Congress side. Ashta assembly seat is a Balai community dominated area.

Ichhawar Assembly Seat- Ichhawar Assembly Seat is a general seat. But the vote percentage of the Khati community is more on this. While present MLA Karansingh Verma is the contender for the BJP ticket from this seat, Ajay Patel and Vishnu Verma are the contenders. On behalf of Congress, mountaineer Megha Parmar, former MLA Shailendra Patel, District Panchayat member Raju Rajput are included in the list of contenders. Elections will be fought in the name of development in Ichhawar Assembly.

Power showoff continues
Here in Sehore, BJP contenders are also busy in showing their power. Recently Sunny Gaurav Mahajan celebrated his birthday on 30th September and demonstrated his strength by taking out an effective rally. Mahajan is considered a supporter of Ms. Uma Bharti and he has been demanding a ticket from BJP for 10 years but he was not awarded the ticket. In the last election, he was an independent candidate and received good votes. On the other hand, current MLA Sudesh Rai is also a contender for the ticket. He is considered a supporter of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. He has shown strength. Here, Shashank Ramesh Saxena is also a contender for the ticket from Congress. Besides, Rajeev Gujrati and Ashta resident Harpal Singh Thakur are also trying their best to get the ticket, but he is an outsider candidate and the local workers are demanding to give the ticket to a local person because in the past also Surendra Singh Thakur was given the ticket. By giving this, Congress had shot itself in the foot. Now it remains to be seen what lesson Congress learns. At the same time, both the political parties are also preparing to field some independents as candidates to divide the votes.

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