Weather system active in state, showers continue

Bhopal: Showers continue to lash city and many other districts in the state as a strong weather system has become active in the state. Over the past 13 days in the state, a significant 67% of September’s rainfall quota has been fulfilled. In comparison to the average 15 cm of rainfall, more than 10 cm of rain have already been recorded.

The state is likely to receive more rain until September 24, as a new weather system from the Bay of Bengal became active on Wednesday.

This robust weather system promises moderate to heavy rainfall in approximately 90% of the state. Senior meteorologist Vedprakash Singh predicts that a cyclonic circulation will form around September 19th-20th, leading to moderate to heavy rainfall across the entire state from September 21st to 24th.

According to local reports, expectations for Thursday include heavy rainfall in regions like Narmadapuram, Guna, Rewa, Satna, and Jabalpur among 20 districts. The state has already seen an average of 30.42 inches of rainfall, slightly below the expected 34.65 inches from June 1st to September 13th. However, September has brought promising monsoon rains to the region.

Madhya Pradesh has been experiencing a consistent rainy spell since September 5th-6th, with several districts witnessing substantial rainfall. Nevertheless, the overall monsoon deficit remains at 12%. The eastern part of the state is facing a 10% rainfall deficit, while the western part is witnessing a 14% deficit. As of now, the state has received an average of 30.42 inches of rainfall, while the expected amount was 34.65 inches.

The highest rainfall has been recorded in Narsimhapur, exceeding 113 cm so far, potentially leading to an overflow situation. Significant rainfall, above 98 cm inches, has been recorded in Shivpuri, Dindori-Jabalpur, Mandla, and Balaghat. Meanwhile, Indore has received more than 87 cm of rain.

In contrast, some districts such as Ashoknagar, Badwani, Gwalior, Khandwa, Khargone, Mandsaur, and Morena have experienced below-average rainfall, with an approximate 50 cm rainfall deficit. Consequently, on Thursday, Narmadapuram district also joined the list of districts facing a rainfall deficit of up to 20%.

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