We are in process of putting lander and rover to sleep: ISRO chief

Bengaluru, Sep 2 (UNI) ISRO Chairman S Somnath on Saturday said the Chandrayaan-3 team is in the process of putting Vikram lander and Pragyan rover to sleep.

“We are in the process of putting them both (Vikram lander and Pragyan rover) to sleep,” he said addressing ISRO scientists at Sriharikota after the successful injection of the Aditya L-1 spacecraft into its designated orbit above the Earth.

The ISRO chief also said the rover had moved 100 metres after rolling out of the belly of the lander onto the lunar surface on August 23. The duo have a couple of days of work left before night falls on that part of the lunar surface where they landed at Shiva Shakti point.

Vikram and Pragyan will plunge into darkness and deny their solar panels sunlight to generate electricity. If they come to life after 14 days, it will be a bonus.

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