Vishwakarma Jayanti celebrated at NITTTR

Bhopal: Vishwakarma Jayanti was celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal at NITTTR Institute. Director of the institute Prof. C.C. Tripathi and Mrs. Vandana Tripathi worshiped Lord Vishwakarma along with officers and employees.

On this occasion, the Director of the Institute, Prof. C.C. Tripathi said that Lord Vishwakarma is revered as the god of construction and creation. Lord Vishwakarma is considered to be the first engineer of the universe. He said that just as a craftsman creates a statue, in the same way we should make it valuable by creating good qualities and values in our lives. Vishwakarma Day again reminds us that the creativity of life should be cherished again, and this world should again be woven into the thread of world brotherhood.

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