US, UK launch 48 airstrikes at Yemen overnight – Houthis

Doha, (UNI) The United States and the United Kingdom launched 48 airstrikes at six Yemeni provinces overnight, a Houthi military spokesperson said on Sunday, adding that retaliation would follow.

“US and UK aggressors have launched 48 airstrikes in the past hours, including 13 strikes against the capital of Sanaa and its suburbs, 11 against Taizz governorate, while nine air raids targeted Al Hudaydah governorate,” Yahya Saria, a spokesman for the Houthi armed forces, said on social media.

Saria argued that the strikes would not convince the Houthis to abandon the people of Palestine and warned that any attack on the Yemeni soil would not go unpunished.

The Houthis vowed in November 2023 to attack any Israeli-linked ships passing through the Red Sea in retaliation for the Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip. This led the United States to announce the creation of a multinational operation to secure navigation in the area.

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