US Senate Foreign Relations Panel Chair says will approve F-16 sale to Turkey

Washington, Jan 27 (UNI) US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Ben Cardin said in a statement that he will allow the sale of F-16 fighter jets from the United States to Turkey to advance, following Ankara’s approval of Sweden’s membership in NATO.

“I commend the Turkish Parliament for its important vote in favor of approving Sweden’s NATO accession protocol, and President Erdogan for signing it,” the statement said on Friday. “My approval of Turkey’s request to purchase F-16 aircrafts has been contingent on Turkish approval of Sweden’s NATO membership. But make no mistake: this was not a decision I came to lightly.”

Cardin said he looks forward to the beginning of a “new chapter” in the US-Turkey relationship, expanding NATO and working with allies to counter Russia, the statement said.

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