UP : Saint’s life is dedicated to country and religion: Yogi

Gorakhpur, Oct 2 (UNI) Peethadheeshwar of Gorakhs Peeth and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday said that a saint does not have his own personal life and is dedicated to the country and religion.

Paying tribute to Brahmalin Mahant Digvijaynath on his 54th death anniversary, Yogi said, “The needs of the country and society are the priority of a saint. Mahant Digvijaynath was one such saint. He fought against the challenges of his time.”

The event was part of the weekly tribute ceremony organised to commemorate the 54th death anniversary of Brahmalin Mahant Digvijaynath Maharaj and the 9th death anniversary of saint Brahmalin Mahant Avedyanath Maharaj.

Yogi said that Mahant Digvijaynath belonged to the Rana clan of Mewar, Rajasthan, who dedicated his life to the motherland while fighting for the self-respect of the country. “He tried to do something new for the society by getting involved in many religious and political rituals here,” he said.

The CM said, “Scientific research was conducted in the ashrams of our sages and hence demons used to attack them. Mahant Digvijaynath after joining Goraksha Peeth, first laid emphasis on education and established Maharana Pratap Education Council. To imbue the young generation with nationalism, he expanded his institutions.”

He said, “The Education Council established by him has contributed to the establishment of a own university. Besides, by establishing four dozen educational training institutes, it is working to prepare the young generation to tackle challenges related to the nation and society.”

Yogi said that this is a new India and in this new India it is the responsibility of the people to keep pace with the leadership of the country. “For this, we will have to pay attention to education. The National Education Policy is a manifesto for this. On the basis of this, we can realise our own dreams and that of the country,” he said.

The Chief Minister said, “Mahant Digvijaynath was associated with the nation’s campaign not only in education, but also through politics. He formed Yogi Mahasabha to organise the scattered Nath Yogis and worked for the upliftment of the country by joining all those movements through which the society and nation were achieving new heights.”

He said, “We Indians express our gratitude to our ancestors for 15 days. Therefore, who can understand the feelings of our great men better than us? We pay our humble tribute to him by following his values and ideals.”

Speaking on the occasion, Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Dr Rajkamal Das Vedanti ji Maharaj said that Brahmalin Mahant Digvijaynath Maharaj and Mahant Avadyanath Maharaj, both were worthy gurus.

Mahant Kamalnayan Das Maharaj from Ayodhya said that Brahmlin Mahant Digvijaynath and Brahmlin Mahant Avedyanath came forward and led the Ramjanmabhoomi movement. Mahant Shernath Bapu ji, who came from Junagadh, Gujarat, said that two Mahants made amazing contributions to the society through education and medicine.

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