UP: Only PM Modi can keep the country united: Amit Shah

Moradabad (UP), Apr 12 (UNI) Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday attacked the opposition parties and said only Prime Minister Narendra Modi can keep the country united because if Samajwadi Party (SP) and Congress will come to power then they will divide Uttar Pradesh into castes again and split the state into pieces.

Addressing a public rally in support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates from Moradabad Kunwar Sarvesh Kumar and Sambhal Prameshwar Lal Saini, the Home Minister said, “Though I know that there is a faint possibility if SP comes to power again the SP and Congress people say that they will bring back ‘triple talaq’. They say Article 370 will be brought back. Do you want to bring back ‘triple talaq’? Does Article 370 need to be brought back?”

He said, “They will once again divide Uttar Pradesh into castes and split the state. Prime Minister Modi is the only person who can keep the country united. Modi ji has divided the entire country into four castes – ‘Mahila’, ‘Yuva’, ‘Kisan’ and ‘Gareeb’. By dividing the country into four castes he has done the work of ‘Sabka Vikas’.”

Shah said that Uttar Pradesh was the biggest reason behind Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister in 2014 and 2019. “Uttar Pradesh gave 73 seats in 2012 and 65 in 2019 and due to this Modi ji became the Prime Minister with absolute majority. This time we have to make him Prime Minister for the third time therefore neither 73 nor 65 will work. This time give all the 80 seats to Narendra Modi,” he said.

He said that in this election the votes people will give to the BJP candidates will directly go to Narendra Modi. “Here when you vote for Sravesh Singh, Modi ji will become the Prime Minister for the third time,” he said.

The Home Minister said that in the last 10 years, Modi ji brought the country’s economy from 11th number to 5th number. “You make him Prime Minister for the third time, Modi guarantees that he will make the number three economy this time. So far Modi ji has made 1 crore women ‘Lakhpati Didis and if becomes the Prime Minister for the third time he will complete the task of making 3 crore women Lakhpati Didis,” he said.

He said that the people elected Modi ji twice and he has fulfilled all his promises. “There was a time when Rahul Gandhi used to mock us that ‘Mandir wahin banayenge, tithi nahi batayenge (We will construct the temple at the same site, but won’t tell the date). I have tolerated this a lot between 2014 to 2019,” he said.

Shah said, “When you made Modi Prime Minister in 2019, within five years the judgment of the court came, Bhoomi pujan was performed in Ayodhya, and on January 22 Ram Lalla was consecrated. After 500 years Ram Lalla is going to celebrate his birthday in his grand temple instead of a tent. On this Ram Navami, the birthday of Ram Lalla will be celebrated in the grand temple in Ayodhya”

He said that SP, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), and Congress kept on opposing the temple, but Modi built the temple and even a consecration ceremony was performed. “I want to tell you that an invitation for January 22 was sent to them, but they didn’t attend the consecration ceremony because they are concerned about their vote bank. I want to tell you that those who did not let the temple be constructed for years do not have the moral strength to attend the consecration event,” he said.

The Home Minister said, “Don’t worry, let them do what they want, it’s the BJP government and Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. Not only the Ram temple but the darbar of Baba Vishwanath was also decorated, Mahakal Lok was constructed and Badrinath and Kedarnath’s dhams were rejuvenated. In the last 10 years, Modi ji has protected all the symbols of our culture.”

Attacking Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, he said that Kashmir is an integral part of India. “But Kharge ji of Congress says what the people of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have to do with Kashmir. Kharge ji you don’t know that every child of Moradabad is ready to sacrifice his life for Kashmir,” he said.

Shah alleged that for 70 years Congress pampered Article 370 in Kashmir. “You made Modi ji Prime Minister for the second time and on August 5, 2019, he abrogated Article 370. Today our tricolour is waving with pride in Kashmir. In the last 10 years, Modi ji ended terrorism and Naxalism from the country,” he said.

He said that during 10 years of the regime of Congress terrorists from Pakistan used to carry out bomb blasts in the country almost every day. “When Modi ji came, terrorists once again made the mistake and carried out bomb blasts in Uri and Pulwama. But they forgot that it’s not Manmohan Singh’s government, it’s Narendra Modi’s government. Within 10 days airstrikes and surgical strikes were carried out inside Pakistan and terrorists were eliminated,” he said.

The Home Minister said that Modi has made the country secure, and prosperous and worked for the welfare of the poor. “Five-kilogram ration per person is being provided to 80 crore people in the country, Modi ji got 12 crore toilets, he provided houses to 4 crore people and gas cylinders were provided to 10 crore women under Ujjwala scheme,” he said.

He said that Modi ji has done a lot for Uttar Pradesh. “In 2013 when I came to Western Uttar Pradesh there was a rule of fear, riots, and criminals. You removed SP, the rule of fear, riots, and criminals ended and the work on One District, One Product (ODOP) and development started,” he said.

Shah said that at that time Hindus were migrating to western Uttar Pradesh. “You removed SP and today instead of Hindus, criminals are migrating. In the last seven years Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has strengthened law and order in the entire state and made Uttar Pradesh safe,” he said.

He said that Modi ji gave four Airports, 12 Expressways, electricity connection to 80 lakh houses in rural areas, ensured free treatment of up to Rs 5 lakh to 3.40 crore people, 2.35 crore toilets were constructed in the last 10 years and Modi ji provided free ration to 14 crore beneficiaries. “Modi ji took Uttar Pradesh forward,” he said.

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