Uma Bharti bids emotional farewell to everyone

  • Advice given to CM in the name of renovation of bungalows

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Former Madhya Pradesh CM Uma Bharti became emotional on Sunday. In her address, she gave advice to Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav in the name of renovation of bungalows. Former CM Uma Bharti narrated the events of Ayodhya in the program of Mata Beti Bai Social Foundation and became emotional.

While narrating the memories of Ram Mandir and Kar Seva, she said that she is meeting the supporters for the last time. Perhaps this is my farewell to you. I will go to Ayodhya anytime between 17th to 21st January. After this I will stay in my village. She said that I feel that perhaps now I am bidding farewell to everyone for the last time. She also honored those who supported her till now. The former CM said that nowadays if the CM’s wife comes, the Collector, IG and DIG stand in the form of the salute. She said that I told CM Mohan Yadav that huge expenditure is incurred on demolition and renovation of the bungalow. On the insistence of his wife, he brings a designed sofa. While sharing the experience of Kar Seva, Uma Bharti said that the issue of Mathura and Kashi was raised in 1992 itself. She said that today we have forgotten the former CM of Uttar Pradesh, late Kalyan Singh. In those days, Devraha Baba had predicted that people would take away every brick of the disputed structure. His words proved true. The former CM said that during the movement, once Advani ji had even expressed his desire to die for the temple.

Rahul Yatra should start from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir – On rejecting the invitation for consecration of Ram Temple, former CM Uma Bharti said that this is an indecent act of Congress. She said that the Congress leaders who had received the invitation should have gone. Politics should not be done in the name of Ram. On Rahul’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, the former CM said that when India was broken, Rahul Gandhi had come to unite it.


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