Two people detained, 15 injured during anti-govt protests in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Feb 2 (UNI) Two people were detained and 15 were injured during anti-government protests near the Argentine Congress, where President Javier Milei’s reforms are being considered, local media reported.

For the second day, Argentines are gathering in front of the Congress building. A Sputnik correspondent earlier reported that protesters blocked traffic on the roadway, and law enforcement officers used batons, gas and rubber bullets against them.

Hundreds of protesters remain in front of the Congress, awaiting the lawmakers’ decision on presidential reforms, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

The devaluation of the national currency, a sharp rise in prices, the lack of wage growth and any relief in the near future from the new government, the promised privatization and dollarization forced many people to take to the streets. Since Milei came to power, trade unions and left-wing movements have held several large protests and a strike involving thousands of people.

In December 2023, President Milei signed an emergency decree proposing over 300 reforms in all economic and social sectors, including the extension of the probationary period for workers to eight months, the elimination of several fines for employers, and the abolition of the unemployment insurance fund. The country’s unions have challenged the proposals in court.

The emergency decree took effect just days after it was signed, but it still has to be backed by the country’s parliament, which can veto it. While parliament is reviewing the decree, it is considered to be in effect.

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