Two Class 4 students prick classmate over 100 times

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Two boys studying in Class 4 pricked another classmate over 100 times with a pen, making him bleed and undergo unbearable pain. The Class 4 student was only attending the school as a regular day but the two boys are known to be notorious and trouble- makers.

Parents of the victim took photos and videos of the injured child and lodged a complaint with the school authorities.

The school administration showed sympathy with the parents, but didn’t take action immediately. After this the parents approached the nearby police station to file a complaint against the two boys.

Later the two accused students were called to the school premises with their parents.

The principal said a complaint was made by the parents of a student studying in the same class that your son and his friend had pricked both the legs of Aaradhya with a pen and due to which their son had to face unbearable pain and also remained mentally disturbed throughout the night.

The letter added that the same has been proved by the complainant parents with photo and video of the victim.

“The student also complained that the two students constantly harass him in the class,” the letter reads. It further added that the two boys had also hit the victim several times earlier. The letter warned the parents that victim’s parents are also considering taking legal action.

“The teacher in-charge talked to other students and teachers of the class and they also said that the two students often break rules and harass them,” the principal wrote.

Following the complaint, the parents were in- formed that their children, the two boys, have been suspended from the school immediately in a meeting at the school on Sunday.

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