Two accused of making fake notes were arrested by the team of Crime Branch

  • The accused were working on making fake notes for many days
  • The accused used to make fake notes, circulate them by taking advantage of darkness and in crowded places
  • Color printer, high quality plain paper, laptop, steel scale and blade cutter were seized from the accused

To control crime and criminals in the city, Police Commissioner Bhopal Harinarayanachari Mishra and Additional Police Commissioner Bhopal Pankaj Srivastava have been directed to take action to arrest the accused.

In pursuance of the above instructions, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime Akhil Patel and Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime Shailendra Singh Chauhan, Assistant Police Commissioner Crime Mukhtar Qureshi, Police Station Incharge Crime Branch Ashok Kumar Maravi and his team searched for the accused of making fake notes.

Crime Branch Bhopal received information from the informer that two thin persons, one of whom was disabled in his left hand and the other was wearing a blue shirt and cream colored pants, were exchanging fake notes of Rs 100 each for Rs 500. Those who look exactly like the original ones and are standing near the vegetable carts near Sabzi Mandi Gate, 80 Feet Road, if they are caught in time, then a large amount of fake notes can be recovered from them. If they are not caught in time, So they will cheat someone in the fake note market.

Since the information received was reliable, after informing the senior officers and on the basis of the guidelines received, we reached the place mentioned by the informer along with Hamrah stop, Sabzi Mandi Gate 80 Fit Road, where two persons of the same description as described by the informer were seen, who were caught by cordon and asked for their name and address. So the person in blue shirt named himself Vikas Sahu, father late. Komal Prasad Sahu, age 24 years, resident of M.N. 117 Near Archana Gas Godown, Shiv Shakti Nagar Police Station, Chhola Mandir, Bhopal and the person with disabled hand told his name to be Vishal Sahu, father, Prem Narayan Sahu, age 34 years, resident of Shiv Shakti Nagar Police Station, Chhola Mandir, Bhopal, in front of Mandi Gate.

When both the accused were searched on the spot, a total of 36 fake notes of Rs 100 each were found from Vikas Sahu and a total of 9 fake notes of Rs 100 each were found from Vishal Sahu. When the accused were interrogated regarding the above mentioned fake notes, both of them said that the above mentioned notes were fake. Legal action was taken as the act of the accused was found to be punishable under section 489 A, 489 B of the Indian Penal Code. A total of 45 fake notes were seized from both the accused. The accused were arrested. A crime was registered against the accused and taken up for investigation. By thoroughly interrogating the accused, information is being obtained about how many rupees have been put into circulation in the market so far.


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