Trial run of Bhopal Metro undertaken

The trial run of Bhopal Metro was undertaken

Bhopal: The Bhopal Metro rail was tested at the test-track located at Subhash Nagar depot on Tuesday. The testing was done by the officials ahead of the train’s trial run scheduled on October 2. The Bhopal’s first Metro train took two rounds on the 1.5 kilometres long track. Scores of Metro staff were present while the testing was done at around 5 pm.

As the three-coach train started moving on the test-track after its headlights were switched on, the staff began clicking pictures and making videos. Now, the train will be lifted to the tracks through ramp and it will run between Subhash Nagar to Rani Kamalapati stations on Tuesday. The testing was done ahead of the train operation at tracks. Once the train operation is successful on the tracks the final trial run will be done. A Metro official said that after the successful running on the test-track the train will now be run on tracks.


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