Tired of being harassed by cyber fraudsters, young man commits suicide

  • Brother of the deceased says recovery people used to torture him, he could not bear the pressure

Bhopal, Taking a loan from an online app in Gautam Nagar area of the capital proved costly for a young man. When he did not repay the loan installment on time, the cyber fraudsters harassed him to such an extent that the young man committed suicide by hanging himself. However, the police did not find any suicide note from the deceased.

A case has been established and investigation has been started. According to the information, Faizan Khan, 25, son of Kallu Khan, resident of street number 8, Arif Nagar, used to work at a tea leaf shop. On Friday evening, he committed suicide by hanging himself at home. His elder brother Irfan said that Faizan had taken a personal loan through an online app.

Due to family reasons, he had not been able to repay the loan installment on time, after which he was being threatened by continuous calls for recovery. Irfan says that when Faizan did not come out of his room for several hours, we went to his room on Friday evening and checked. The gate was locked from inside. We somehow opened the gate and informed the police.

Police reached the spot and took the body into custody. The body was sent to the mortuary of Hamidia Hospital for post-mortem. It was handed over to the family members after post-mortem on Saturday. Police did not find any suicide note from Faizan’s room.

Had taken loan from an app named Money View

Faizan’s brother said that he had taken loan from an app named Money View. There is no information about what loan was taken. His salary was low, so paying the loan installment would have been difficult. He started being harassed by the bank for recovery. Fed up with this, he committed suicide.

Irfan says that we were not aware of the loan before he committed suicide. After his death, friends informed him that he had a personal loan.

Action will be taken after investigation

Police said that the body of Faizan, father of Kallu Khan (25), resident of street number 8, was found hanging. The case is being investigated. Detailed statements of the family members have not been recorded yet. We will take further action based on the facts revealed in the investigation.

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