Thousands protest in Niger demanding withdrawal of U.S. troops

Niamey, April 14 (UNI) Thousands of demonstrators marched in the streets of Niger’s capital of Niamey on Saturday, calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops, following the government’s decision to terminate a military agreement with the United States.

Braving the heatwave, young men and women holding signs staged a peaceful protest. “U.S. army, you leave, you move, you vanish,” read the signs.

Mohamed Alkabir, who is in charge of synergizing Nigerien civil society organisations, said that this mobilisation aims to urge the U.S. side to promptly announce its timetable for withdrawing its troops from Niger.

In March, the nation halted its military pact with the United States.

A White House report to Congress indicated that approximately 650 U.S. personnel were in Niger in December.

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