Third ICE THEATRES auditorium launched in India

Bengaluru, (UNI) PVR INOX, the largest and the most premium cinema exhibitor in India, has announced the opening of its premium ICE THEATRES auditorium in its 12-screen Superplex in South Bengaluru.

This is the third ICE THEATRES auditorium in the country after launching the first two in Delhi and Gurugram.

The state-of-the-art ICE Immersive technology is a sensorial experience that features LED panels on each side of the auditorium, in order to fill the moviegoer’s peripheral vision with supplementary ambient colours and shapes and therefore complement the action on the main screen.

The exclusive panels placed on each side of the auditorium create a spectacular visual atmosphere through dynamic shapes and colours and allow the audience to watch movies in total immersion.

The LED panels do not show a continuation of the action, but project these shapes and colours that are in line with the visuals.

While the ultimate visual experience is enhanced through 4K Projection and RealD 3D with maximum image quality, the optimal audio playback comes alive with Dolby Atmos.

ICE THEATRES offers much more than technological excellence with visual comfort made visible through curved rows providing ideal orientation towards the screen.

The ICE THEATRES auditorium at PVR Superplex has a seating capacity of 237 and comprises classic, prime and recliner seats.

PVR INOX Limited Managing Director Ajay Bijli said, “We are happy to expand the presence of the ICE THEATRES screen in South India after our initial foray in Delhi and Gurugram. India is one of the largest and fastest-growing film markets in the world, with a huge and diverse audience base. Hence, we need to continually innovate to meet the changing preferences and expectations of Indian moviegoers.

“Through the introduction of premium experiential formats, we are able to give access to the best of global standards of cinema experience to audiences in India. After launching the globally acclaimed format in India, ICE Theaters will not only be able to present Hollywood or English films, but also showcase Indian films in various languages to viewers in India.”

ICE THEATRES has released over 120 titles in their ICE Immersive format till 2022, in partnership with all major Hollywood Studios.

“We are delighted to work with Indian Studios to make their titles more immersive with enhancement of dynamic and colorful contents. We are confident that moviegoers in the South of India will be impressed by the enhanced visual and auditory experience.

ICE THEATRES is an exciting and promising cinema format that has the potential to revolutionize the movie-watching experience in India,” ICE THEATRES Managing Director Guillaune Thomine said.

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