Thailand’s Pheu Thai Party announces 14-party coalition for new gov’t

Bangkok, (UNI) Thailand’s Pheu Thai Party, which has the second largest number of lawmakers in the country’s parliament, announced the creation of a 14-party coalition to form a new government.

The press conference of the leaders and representatives of 14 Thai political parties was broadcast live by the Thai PBS World news outlet.

The new coalition, led by Pheu Thai, includes parties that were part of the opposition bloc with Pheu Thai in the previous parliament, as well as those that were part of the previous ruling coalition, according to a joint statement of 14 parties coalition, published by the outlet.

The coalition plans to support Srettha Thavisin, nominated by Pheu Thai, as the country’s next prime minister in a joint vote of both houses of parliament on Tuesday, the statement said.

“We have a sufficient majority to win,” Pheu Thai party leader Cholnan Srikaew said at a press conference when asked by journalists about the number of votes of deputies and senators that the party is counting on in the election of the prime minister.

The lower, elected chamber of the Thai parliament consists of 500 lawmakers, the upper, appointed senate — of 250 senators.

The coalition has 317 parliamentary mandates. 59 additional votes, most likely the votes of senators, will be enough for the coalition to pass its candidate for the post of the country’s new prime minister, Srikaew said.

Parliamentary elections took place in Thailand on May 14, 2023. The country’s parliament has still not been able to form a new government.

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