Temps rise in most regions of MP

  • Scorching heat and intense sunshine in city during daytime

Bhopal: After five consecutive days of rainfall and hailstorms in certain areas of the state, temperatures have begun to climb in most regions of Madhya Pradesh. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) reports a significant increase in temperature ranging from two to four degrees across the state. As a result, people are experiencing summer like conditions and are reluctant to venture outdoors during the day. In the state capital, Bhopal, daytime hours are characterized by scorching heat and intense sunshine.

IMD forecasts that a new western disturbance will become active on the night of March 23, affecting the state’s weather conditions from March 24 or 25 onwards. Some districts may experience light rain and cloud cover as a result. On Thursday, the sky remained clear in most parts of the state, including Bhopal, with hot and dry weather prevailing.

In terms of temperatures, Bhopal recorded a maximum of 33.9 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 18.0 degrees Celsius. Indore saw a maximum of 34.6 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 17.2 degrees Celsius, while Ujjain experienced a maximum of 35.2 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 14.8 degrees Celsius. Jabalpur recorded a maximum of 32.3 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 15.6 degrees Celsius, while Gwalior registered a maximum of 31.4 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 15.3 degrees Celsius.

IMD explains that a convergence line extending from Odisha to Vidarbha via Chhattisgarh has been responsible for bringing moisture from the Arabian Sea through southeastern winds. Additionally, southeastern winds have been carrying moisture from the Bay of Bengal to the eastern parts of Madhya Pradesh, resulting in the occurrence of hailstorms, rain, and storms over the past few days.


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