Teach children to be proud of their traditions and life values: Pawar

Bhopal: Let us all introduce our children to the lives of great men of the country. Let us all make our homes centers of culture. Teach children to be proud of their traditions, values, language, dress and their life values. We should present our conduct in front of them as we want to give them.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Physical Education Head of Central Region, Jitendra Pawar said this as the keynote speaker. He was addressing the public program of school students of Bhopal department organized in the campus of Motilal Science College. In this open program, as the chief guest, Prof. Dr. Kailasa Rao M, Director, School of Planning and Architecture, Institute of National Importance, Ministry of Education, Government of India, Bhopal, was on the stage along with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Madhya Bharat Pradesh Sanghchalak Ashok Pandey and Bhopal Metropolitan Chief. Sangh leader Rajesh Sethi was present.

Concentration and discipline come from practice

Speaking about the formal program presented by the students, Shri Pawar said that some of the volunteers who performed here may be good and some may be weak, but everyone performed well because of the collective practice they had done. Throwing light in detail on an incident that occurred during the rigorous practice conducted by the pilots of supersonic aircraft, he said that practice brings concentration and discipline in life.

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