Suspects nabbed while planning to loot petrol pump

Bhopal: Crime branch team received information from the informer that some people are armed with illegal weapons like pistol and knife, stick, were planning to rob CNG pump at Khejda bypass. On the basis of the guidelines received after informing the senior officers about the informer’s information, they reached the place mentioned by the informer while hiding, where when they went closer behind the bushes and drains, they saw and heard that Shahrukh was talking about robbing the CNG pump in front of Bhanpur Multi. Who was caught by siege by Hamrah Stop.

The suspects were identified as Shahrukh Khan, son of, Aleem Khan, age 25 years, resident M. No. 59, Gali.No. 02, behind Roshan Pura, Arsad Khan, son of Rafiq Khan, age 23 years, resident of Naya village, near Bhadbhada Nasri, police station Kamlanagar, Bhopal and Taha Qureshi, son of Qamar Miyan, age 24 years, resident of H. N.02, Gali.N.03, Jinsi Jail Bagh Road, police station Jahangirabad, Aslam Khan alias Mastan, son of Abbas Khan, age 26 years, resident of H.N. 15/32, Sabri Nagar, old police station Kamlanagar, Bhopal and Yawar Khan, son of Mehmood Khan, age 24 years, resident of village Kalkheda, Amit Bhai’s house, police station Ratibadh, Bhopal.

In view of the deadly weapons found with them and the circumstances of the occasion, the accused admitted to planning a robbery at the CNG pump situated at Khejra Jod in front of which the accused committed the act of committing robbery, gathering together for the purpose of robbery and being found with deadly weapons.

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