State enveloped in thick fog

Visibility reduced to 50 m in Gwalior

Bhopal: Before the activation of an approaching Western Disturbance, the state found itself enveloped in thick fog, creating visibility challenges, particularly in Gwalior, where seeing beyond 50 meters became arduous. On Friday, the region continued to experience persistent dense fog. The Weather Department issued a dense fog alert for seven districts, including Gwalior and Chhatarpur-Niwari.

The Western Disturbance is expected to become active on Friday night, likely exerting its influence on the weather from December 30 onwards. Changes in the state’s weather are anticipated until January 4, heralding a seasonal shift. Presently, cold and foggy conditions are creating difficulties for residents.

Explaining the potential weather changes, Divya E. Surendran, a scientist at the Bhopal Weather Center, highlighted the role of the active Western Disturbance and eastern winds. There is a possibility of cloud formation and rain on December 30 or 31. During this period, night temperatures may not decrease due to cloud cover, but daytime temperatures are not expected to rise.

Dip in day temp

Friday marked the initial indications of changing weather in the city, with a recorded daytime temperature of 27.8 degrees Celsius, a decrease of 1.4 degrees Celsius compared to Wednesday. Dense fog in the morning slowed traffic, and there was a brief episode of cool air during the day. The night temperature was recorded at 14 degrees Celsius, reflecting a 1.2-degree Celsius increase in the past 24 hours.

The Meteorological Department’s alert underscores the potential for dense fog in various areas, affecting visibility and causing travel disruptions. As the weather undergoes a transformation, residents are advised to stay informed about weather forecasts and exercise caution while commuting.

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