Stalin launches Karuna memorial at Marina

Chennai,Feb 27 (UNI) Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President M.K. Stalin launched the newly built memorial of late CM and party patriarch M.Karunanidhi on the Marina beach front and termed it as the first wonder in the second largest beach in the world.

He called upon the people to visit the Karunanidhi Memorial to see the late leader’s life and ‘live’ with the late DMK stalwart.

In his televised delivered during the inauguration of the renovated premises on the Marina beach front that houses the memorials of DMK Stalwarts and former Chief Ministers C.N. Annadurai and

Mr Karunanidhi here on Monday evening, Mr. Stalin said Kalaignar’s (as Mr Karunanidhi was affectionately called) memorial was a “first wonder” on the second longest beach in the world.

“’Kalaignar’ means struggle. That is what his life and history is telling the world. Not just struggle, this memorial also says ‘Kalaignar’ means victory,” Mr. Stalin said. The memorial, much like his welfare programmes, stands as a testimony to the late leader’s accomplishments, he said.

There is not a city or town in Tamil Nadu that the late DMK leader did not visit or deliver a speech in, Mr. Stalin said. “The stories, poems, novels, dramas, and film dialogues his pen jotted down are eternal. No Tsunami can destroy them.”

Karunanidhi had “sowed” his ideals into the Tamil soil and became the architect of modern Tamil Nadu, he added.

The long, eventful life of Karunanidhi, from the time he was 14 till his death at the age of 95, has been captured in the memorial, the Chief Minister said. “He penned only six parts of his autobiography Nenjukku Needhi. He was motivated to write the seventh, saying if nature had allowed him to. But, time has taken him away from us.”

Mr. Stalin also inaugurated the underground digital museum ‘Kalaignar Ulagam’, adjacent to the Kalaignar Memorial, which incorporates a 7D interactive show, rare pictures, and a 3D holographic show to capture the life and achievements of the late leader.

Marble slabs for the Karunanidhi Memorial were sourced from Vietnam and Kishangarh in Rajasthan. Vietnam white marbles are translucent and allow powerful lights behind them to pass through to give a warm, pleasant, and vibrant look for visitors in the night. A pathway of white marble welcomes visitors, as they walk past statues of late Tamil poets Kambar and Ilangovadigal to reach the C.N. Annadurai Memorial. Further down this pathway lies the Karunanidhi Memorial. A statue of a seated Kalaignar penning his thoughts was also inaugurated by the Chief Minister.

Actor Rajinikanth also participated in the event and termed it as a fitting tribute to the late leader.

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