Sony’s ‘Srimad ramayan’: Mata Sita’s resilience and Hanuman’s bravery shine

New Delhi, (UNI) Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Shrimad Ramayan’ continues to enthral viewers with its depiction of Lord Ram’s teachings, particularly focusing on Mata Sita’s unwavering faith and resilience.

In the latest episodes, Lord Hanuman’s journey to find Mata Sita leads to a dramatic encounter in the Ashok Vatika, where he reinstates hope by delivering Lord Ram’s message and ring to her.

However, his hunger and subsequent skirmish with demon guards catch the attention of Ravan’s sons, leading to a fierce battle where Hanuman ultimately defeats Akshay Kumar. This pivotal moment showcases Hanuman’s bravery and loyalty.

Prachi Bansal, portraying the role of Mata Sita, reflects on the resolute determination of her character by saying, “Embodying the role of Mata Sita has helped me understand the power of resilience and faith, especially after her encounter with Lord Hanuman in the Ashok Vatika. Despite the trials she is enduring, she remains steadfast in her belief in Lord Ram’s unwavering love and commitment, drawing strength from his relentless pursuit and finding solace in the knowledge that their bond transcends challenges.”

Viewers are urged to tune in to ‘Shrimad Ramayan’ on Sony Entertainment Television, airing Monday through Friday at 9:00 p.m.

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