Slovakia to hold 2nd round of presidential election

Bratislava, Mar 24 (UNI) Former Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok won the first round of the presidential election in Slovakia with 42.51% of the votes, while his opponent, the head of the Slovak parliament, Peter Pellegrini, received 37.02%, the data from the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic showed on Sunday.

The turnout in the first round of the Slovak presidential election was 51.91%.

Since none of the candidates received an absolute majority of votes, the future president of the country will be determined during the second round, scheduled for April 6.

Pellegrini is known to be a close ally of current Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and a supporter of a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian conflict. Korcok, on the other hand, has been vocally supporting Ukraine and a stronger European Union.

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